Dr. Susan E. Klear — Licensed Psychologist


Biofeedback is like eavesdropping on our body’s internal conversations and using this information to change negative patterns that are contributing to poor physical and mental health. Our bodies are a sea of information and communication, every organ talking to every other organ. As a general rule, we do not pay attention to these inside-the-skin conversations. With sophisticated listening devices we can collect this information and feed it back to our brains through our ears, eyes, and touch. With practice, we can then begin to change inside-the-skin events to make us healthier. You already use biofeedback. If you charge up the steps noticing your heart rate and respiration go up, you slow down.

Now medical science is able to help us listen in to the quieter messages that otherwise go unnoticed until we have medical or emotional problems. With biofeedback we can change temperature, heart rate, blood pressure, muscle tension, chemical responses, electrical impulses, and even brainwaves.

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