Dr. Susan E. Klear — Licensed Psychologist

My Model

I have my roots in person-centered psychotherapy and self-regulation. I feel that the healthy brain has the versatility to modulate states of arousal and attention styles as demanded by specific situations. The disordered brain has diminished ability to respond to these specific demands. The immature, injured, or disordered brain seems to lack the normal elasticity of the healthy brain. There appear to be discontinuities in cortical processes or breakdowns in intracortical communications. The disordered brain seems to get “stuck” and exhibits inappropriate brain waves for the immediate situation. For example, the ADD child tends to exhibit more day dreaming type brainwaves with less than normal concentrating type brainwaves.

Neurofeedback training teaches a person what specific brain wave states feel like and how to turn those states on at will. The trainee can “move” to different physiological states depending on what the immediate situation requires. We claim no more than that a person can learn through training to change to a different physiological state. People have been learning to change their physiological states through temperature and EMG training. We are simply using the more “central” information of EEG correlates of physiological states rather than peripheral measures.

We feel that if we can make the brain more flexible it may have a generalizing effect on other functions such as the full nervous system, the immune system, the endocrine systems, the body’s ability to heal itself and general cognitive functioning.

Self-healing is what biofeedback is all about. We do not do anything to anybody except teach them to listen in on themselves.

We are teachers which is what any good therapist is. We can teach people to listen in on their own physiology and to change their physiological and psychological states.

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