Dr. Susan E. Klear — Licensed Psychologist

Curing Insomnia & Taking Naps

The Silicon Valley Community Newspaper group recently featured Brain Music Therapy as its weekly cover story on all of its weekly residential newspapers:

Brain music therapy used to cure insomnia

By Mary Gottschalk, Rose Garden Resident

After leaving a successful business career in New York, Emily McCormack found herself in good shape financially, but in bad shape physically.

McCormack was unable to sleep.

“I was in the financial business working around the clock and doing three or four all-nighters a week,” she says. “Because I was working so many hours, I literally wasn’t sleeping.

“I’d trained myself not to sleep at all, and I screwed up my circadian rhythm.”

After undergoing brain music therapy with Sue Klear, a psychologist living in San Jose’s Rose Garden neighborhood, McCormack says, “I’m a huge sleeper now. I’m even taking naps in the afternoon.”

Read the full SVCN story about Brain Music Therapy online, courtesy of the SJ Mercury News.

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