Dr. Susan E. Klear — Licensed Psychologist

Brain Music Therapy on NBC11 KNTV

San Jose’s local television station, KNTV NBC11, recently featured a story about Dr. Klear’s “Brain Music Therapy” product as demonstrated by one of her clients:

SAN JOSE, Calif. — Music can pump people up, but it can also calm them down.

Marlene Bjornsrud said music has broken her three-year insomnia cycle and enabled her to throw away her sleeping medications.

The music Bjornsrud uses to fall asleep is by none other than herself.

But, instead of hitting a recording studio, Bjornsrud visited psychologist Susan Klear in San Jose.

Klear placed three sensors on her head and recorded Bjornsrud’s brain waves while she relaxed for five minutes.

NBC11 Health Reporter Marianne Favro said, “The idea is everyone’s brain waves are different, so if you have music recorded specifically for yours, it’s more likely to be effective in helping you relax and sleep.”

Klear said, “The waves are turned into a mathematical formula and changed to classical piano music.”

“I never got to the end of the five or six minutes of music and I would be sound asleep,” Bjornsrud said.

Sleep is not the only benefit of the music. Bjornsrud does not like to fly but she is able to turn to her brain music to calm her down.

“The claustrophobic feeling and sense of being closed in went away and it had a wonderful calming effect,” she said.

Klear has helped record music for 30 patients.

“It’s been 82 to 85 percent effective in clinical trials,” she said.

Bjornsrud admits she was skeptical of the treatment at first, but after months of restful nights she is convinced brain music therapy has helped her finally get some sleep.

NBC11 has also posted original video of the on-air report, as broadcast during the last week of January, 2008.

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