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Sleep is Critical

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According to a recent CBS News report, scientists are discovering that sleep is far more critical to human health than previously believed. Sleep deprivation has been linked to problems such as diabetes and heart disease. 60 Minutes’ Lesley Stahl reports (in two parts):
Part 1: The Science Of Sleep Part 1

Part 2: The Science Of Sleep […]

Brain Music Therapy on NBC11 KNTV

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San Jose’s local television station, KNTV NBC11, recently featured a story about Dr. Klear’s “Brain Music Therapy” product as demonstrated by one of her clients:
SAN JOSE, Calif. — Music can pump people up, but it can also calm them down.
Marlene Bjornsrud said music has broken her three-year insomnia cycle and enabled her to throw away […]

Sit back and relax to brain wave music

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An algorithm can turn brain waves patterns into musical scores. Dr. Galina Mindlin of the Brain Music Therapy Center explains how this can heal:
Researchers can turn a person’s brain waves into music notes using a computerized mathematical formula. Some experts say that those notes can heal. When you play the “relaxing” file on your brain […]

Brain Music Therapy

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New treatment for insomnia, anxiety and stress related conditions
Based on transforming individual’s brain wave pattern into musical sounds …
A new form of Neurobiofeedback …

According to the most recent statistics of the National Institute of Mental Health, over 22% of Americans suffer from a diagnosable mental disorder. When applied to the latest U.S. Census residential population […]

A Spoonful of Sugar …

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Mary Poppins told us, “Just a spoonful of sugar makes the medicine go down, in a most delightful way!” But is that really such a good idea?
According to psychologist, Nancy Appleton’s book, Lick the Sugar Habit, published in 1996 …
… according to statistics, the average person eats over 10 pounds of sugar each month, nearly […]

Video Games

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How do they affect our children’s brains?
Video games and the developing brain We see video games everywhere today. Children and adults are playing them sometimes for long periods of time both during the week and on the weekends. We may assume that the players of video games can be getting less exercise time and/or having […]

Homework Recommendations

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Homework is and always has been a problem for certain types of children. This is particularly true for children with specific learning disabilities, ADD, ADHD, and emotional problems. When it is a problem for the child it often becomes an even greater problem for parents.
Some children eagerly approach school while for others it becomes an […]